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Utilivac® Portable, Powerful and Efficient
The Utilivac® VE-75 System

When your project is interrupted by breakdowns or maintenance, everybody loses. That's why the VE-75 does not need filters, belts, fluid changes, or knowledge of engine maintenance. Soap and water clean up is all the required maintenance. Plain and simple, Utilivac gives you more time to focus on the bottom line.

So if you need a vacuum excavator on your job compare Utilivac® to any other systems at any price. On its own it's a powerful wet/dry vacuum. When combined with our Air Lance , it excels at all types of "soft" excavation in any soil conditions. The average utility "spot hole" only takes about five minutes. And, of course, vacuum excavation is recognized as the safest way to dig near buried utilities. This makes the Utilivac® ideal for utility locating, utility maintenance, non-destructive drilling for environmental investigations and any other "key hole" or small hole excavation. The VE75 does it all! If you've got a 185 CFM air compressor you have a vacuum excavator!

Basic System

The Utilivac® VE-75 System was invented at InfraMap Corp., the nations leading utility location firm, to replace their expensive, maintenance intensive truck and trailer mounted vacuum rigs. The Utilivac® System has become the vacuum choice among soft excavation professionals. There are currently hundreds of our systems in use by utilities, contractors, environmental and engineering firms, state and local transportation departments, and industrial facilities around the world. Starting at $10,000...

Towable System

Portability, versatility and muscle in one package! Combine a VE75 vacuum excavation system with a brand new 210 cfm compressor and you have the most portable and reliable system on the market today. Onboard storage for the VE75 hopper, the vacuum generator can be augmented by hose reels. Starting at $30,000

Special Offer

Seeing is Believing. Try the Utilivac risk free and see for yourself why Utilivac is the best in the business. Read more

For job specific applications we have designed a whole host of accessories that we offer to compliment the VE75 unit. For a complete list of add-ons, replacement parts and pricing please click here.

"No one is more sold on the value of vacuum excavation equipment than the people who use it"